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Crossroad Presbyterian Church


Our church began in 1966 as the Waterford/East Lyme Presbyterian Fellowship, a group of Christians who met in private homes. In 1970, we became the Waterford United Presbyterian Church. The 85 charter members met in rented space at various churches in the area. We became Crossroads Presbyterian Church when we moved into our current home in 1989. Currently we have 130 active members.


Crossroads Church is committed to mission, outreach, and social justice. We participate in ministry through denominational offerings, educational opportunities, and through active involvement in the Interfaith Food Locker of Waterford and the New London Soup Kitchen. We are a Covenant Congregation with Habitat for Humanity, and a member of Presbyterian Promise, working for a church that is inclusive on all levels, without regard to a person's race, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

Vision and Mission Statement


We are Christ's disciples, loving and serving each other, our communities, and God's world.


As Jesus loved and trusted God above all else, so we worship God whose steadfast love never fails us.

As Christ offered living water to the woman at the well, so we will proclaim the Good News that God's love is for all.

As Jesus fed the hungry, washed the feet of his disciples, and healed the sick and the lame, so we will be the servants of all.

As Jesus came among us to teach the Good News of the Kingdom, so we are called to study God's Word and share the Word near and far.

As Jesus taught the great commandment, so we will love God with all our hearts, minds, soul and strength, and will love our neighbor as ourselves.

As Jesus taught us to pray, so we will open our hearts and minds in conversation with God.

In the power of the Holy spirit we are called into joyful community with one another.

As Christ is among us yet, so we have hope.

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